Cape Cod Clambake

Of course, we were THRILLED when the famous turned to us for their 20th Anniversary clambake! 

What wonderful people! We had a great time, and they posted a video (below) and an entire article about it, which you can read at “Celebrating a milestone with a family-style, Cape Cod clambake.”


What can you get at our Cape Cod Clambakes?

Everything is freshly made on site!

Pretty young lady happy to see big lobster for dinnerBuffet-Style OR Plated Service

Kevin’s Clam Chowder & Oyster Crackers
(can be made gluten free- please specify)

1 1/2 lb. New England Lobster
Served with Drawn Butter

Grilled Sweet n Hot  Flank Steak
(minimum of 6 guests)
Grilled Orange Honey Citrus Rub Chicken Breast
Substituted for non-lobster eaters – same price as lobster dinner

Chatham-Raked Steamers
Italian Sweet Sausage – cooked separately

Local Corn on Cob  – June 20th – August 15th
Chef’s made Corn Bread

Freshly made Classic Cole Slaw

We provide:  EVERYTHING!

You provide your drinks & we provide the rest!