Cape Cod Chef on Call Dry Rub

“Nantucket Swine Ride” Prime & Swine Rub

For all meats, for grilling or roasting.Picture of Prime and Swine dry rub being used on grilled ribs

No filler, no preservatives. All natural ingredients.

Grilled Flank Steak Recipe

Take a 1/4 cup of Chef On Call’s special rub and pat down both sides of flank steak – 2lb.

Put on hot grill – sizzle on both sides for 8 minutes each. The outside coating will crust into a carmelization. Brilliant! Eat medium rare… be sure and slice diagonally against the grain and serve on a platter with grilled veggies.

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Picture of all three rub seasonings made by Cape Cod Chef on Call

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Prime & Swine Dry Rub
Fish Seasoning – with Organic Kelp and Dulce
Chicken Dry Rub
NO fillers – ALL natural ingredients

Cooking Tips

For a beautiful piece of grilled meat:

  • Give that special meat a massage with your hands by using a heaping 2 T of rub per pound – make it taste like it came from the neighborhood butcher
  • Look for a beautiful caramelization on the outside of your grilled pork or beef
  • Grilled meat will have a crunchy crust while the inside tender meat is succulent